3115 Knight Dr, Reno

Starting Bid: $545,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, Harcourts USA recommends you have an inspector review the property; however, this is required to be done prior to auction. All properties involved with Harcourts USA Brady & Co Auctions are available for preview and inspection. Anyone who wishes to undertake their own inspection, should contact the listing agent to arrange a suitable time
Yes, all properties will transfer to the buyer with insurable title as determined by the title/closing agent indicated on the contract.
Closing costs can vary. Potential purchasers should review the Sale and Purchase Agreement for each specific auction property.
The deposit will count as a credit towards the purchase price of the property and placed in escrow. Please note; it is the purchaser's responsibility to obtain financing. If you plan to use a mortgage to purchase the property, we recommend that you apply for the loan immediately as the closing of an auction contract is not contingent on obtaining finance.
Yes you should still attend the auction and definitely register to bid. The Auction process is just that. A process. The process involves many facets including most importantly expectations. The auction process is about educating the price expectations of both sellers and also buyers according to the market. If your offer is not accepted prior to auction, it may be that the seller has a price expectation of the property over where it sits on the market, which may become evident on auction day. Or perhaps it may be that your offer is under estimating the value of the property. Regardless, after the seller and the buyers have had the opportunity to see the full marketing campaign over 3-6 weeks and also see the property’s interest on auction day both parties will often reevaluate their expectations.